The handbook for companies “Step by Step to the Non-Financial Report” published last year by Smart Kolektiv and the Responsible Business Forum was presented at the meeting of the Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact in Serbia, at Delta Holding, on April 15. 

The handbook for non-financial reporting was published with the aim of bringing the topic of non-financial business reporting closer to large companies with over 500 employees, that are now, according to the new Law on Accounting, obliged to submit a non-financial business report within their financial reports for 2021. 

The publication was presented to the representatives of the business and civil sectors by an expert associate of the Smart Kolektiv Svetlana Damnjanović, who participated in its preparation. She also clarified many ambiguities that exist when it comes to companies responding to a new legal obligation. From the point of view of the auditing company PwC Serbia, which is also intensively involved with this topic this year, Teodora Pasulj, ESG consultant, presented the biggest challenges that companies face, and questions that are often asked to them as an audit company regarding the preparation and submission of non-financial reports. 

Smart Kolektiv, as a promoter of socially responsible business, promotes the company’s reporting on non-financial parameters, participates in public advocacy, and has been providing expert support in preparing sustainability reports for many companies in Serbia for the past 10 years. 

The presented handbook “Step by step to the non-financial report”, which provides answers and guidelines related to many ambiguities that exist when it comes to responding to the new regulations, is available online HERE.