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Believing that business should and can play a positive role in social development, Smart Kolektiv is a pioneer in promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Serbia. Our engagement in the development and improvement of CSR in Serbia is motivated by the desire to establish CSR as a standard business practice through education, empowerment, networking, and by raising awareness and initiating various activities and projects, thus contributing to positive social changes.

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With our services we help companies achieve greater results in a better, more efficient and easier way; strategically define and improve their CSR practices; position themselves as leaders in this field with systemic CSR management; favourably influence other stakeholders, society, and their business results – to optimize and maximize their potential.

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Our commitment to social innovation stems from the belief that the precondition for creating a just, open and democratic society in which we want to live, is the creation of a new civil society – efficient, sustainable, resourceful organizations, which are not based on the traditional division on sectors and roles, but which combine the best aspects of everything, and at the same time encourage and develop new leaders, activism, social awareness and entrepreneurial spirit in their immediate and wider environment.

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We believe that sustainable civil society organizations can fulfil their mission more effectively and respond more adequately to key challenges; they can be more recognizable in the local community and they can mobilize more people, volunteers and other resources necessary for them to operate successfully. Starting from our mission, we provide organizations with various types of support – from education and mentoring, promotion of their initiatives and establishing connections with companies, to providing support with the development of socio-entrepreneurial ideas and activities.

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Since its establishment in 2003, Smart Kolektiv has been finding ways to apply business experiences and logic to solving social issues, help companies work with the community in an articulate and strategic manner, while helping various social groups attract the interest of the business world, partners and fellow citizens for their needs and initiatives, and at the same time become more innovative, efficient and sustainable.


CSOs, social enterprises and young entrepreneurs gained knowledge on starting or improving sustainability, marketing and partnerships

Lectures, Workshops and Training Courses on Sustainability, Marketing and Partnerships Tutorials, Manuals, Publications, Online Entrepreneurship Course.


CSOs, social enterprises and young people empowered to start/develop their business

Through trainings, mentoring, financing and market access.

100 000

Improved quality of life for over 100 000 beneficiaries

Improved quality of life for over 100 000 beneficiaries.

30 companies

members of the Responsible Business Forum

We have developed strategic partnerships with over 30 companies that annually invest 5 million euros in the community.

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Our main partners

Long-lasting partnerships with donors and companies, which in cooperation with us, invest in social entrepreneurship and civil society development.
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