Starting from the idea of connecting business and society, Smart Kolektiv finds ways to apply business experiences and logic to solving social issues. It helps companies work with the community in an articulate and strategic manner, and various social groups to attract the interest of the business world with regard to their needs and initiatives, and at the same time become more innovative, efficient and sustainable. Our direct beneficiaries are civil society organizations, which we help find partners from the business sector and develop sustainable sources of funding, social enterprises and entrepreneurs we help become sustainable and competitive, companies we help develop CSR programmes, and young people we help launch and successfully run their business.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to positive social changes by connecting companies and civil society organizations, helping companies adopt social values, and organizations develop business skills, innovation and sustainability.

Our vision

Our vision is a society in which we as individuals and social groups are aware of the fact that we share the responsibility for development in which all sectors cooperate, exchange knowledge and resources and in which we look for new and innovate existing solutions through active cooperation.