The sixth workshop of the Program for Sustainable Ideas on the topic of Pitch and Public Appearance was held on June 2 in the office of Smart Kolektiv. With this event, we also completed the incubation program within which the 10 teams have been working on the development of their innovative business ideas for the past four months.  

The workshop was led by our longtime associate and business consultant Sonja Dakić, who helped the teams to prepare for the upcoming pitch at our Social Innovations Forum on June 15. In front of an expert jury the 10 teams will have the opportunity to present themselves and show how hard they have worked on their enterprises in the last months. Two teams with the greatest potential for growth will be awarded with a grant.  

You can now register to participate at the Social Innovations Forum until June 10 by filling out the online form. 

This workshop is part of our incubation program aimed at start-ups with social and/or environmental impact, and is the fifth of six workshops aimed at helping young entrepreneurs improve and develop their innovative ideas. The program features young entrepreneurs of 10 selected companies that contribute to solving different problems in the community Meet the 10 innovative ideas of participants in the Program for Sustainable Ideas 

Program for Sustainable Ideas is intended for young entrepreneurs who are developing sustainable solutions to the challenges in our society. Through a series of interactive workshops and 1-on-1 mentoring, young leaders get the opportunity to work with a team of experienced business mentors and experts to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them improve their innovative business idea. 

The Program for Sustainable Ideas is being implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade and is part of the five-year strategy and program of the Smart Impact Fund – Fund for the Development of Sustainable Economy. The Fund strives to provide long-term professional and financial support to social enterprises in various stages of development and thus contribute to the development of an economy with positive social impact. By 2024, the program will invest about half a million euros in initiatives and companies that contribute to sustainable and positive changes in their communities.   

The Smart Impact Fund was launched by Smart Kolektiv in 2019 with support of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) and the former USAID-funded Framework for Giving project that was implemented by the Coalition for Giving led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.