Belgrade, July 15, 2020 – During July, the first edition of the Program for Sustainable Businesses, a new Smart Kolektiv program aimed at developing companies with strong social impact in Serbia and preparing them for the impact of investment, was completed. Program for Sustainable Businesses is part of the Smart Impact Fund –  Fund for the Development of Sustainable Economy that will invest around half a million euros in initiatives and companies that contribute to sustainable and positive change in their communities in the next 5 years.

Within the program, we selected 10 enterprises with which we worked intensively for 6 months in order to improve their investment readiness. With the support of domestic and foreign business consultants, according to the tested model of the Smart Kolektiv, enterprises worked on improving their business model, organizational development, financial management and social impact management. After the completion of the program, we entered the phase of final evaluation of all companies, after which 1-2 participants will be supported through an innovative financial instrument – interest-free loan, in the amount of up to 50,000.00 EUR.

The program is implemented with the support of EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy – EFSE Entrepreneurship Academy and EVPA – European Association for Entrepreneurial Philanthropy . Fund for the Development of Sustainable Economy has been launched by the Smart Kolektiv with the support of the Framework for Giving Project, funded by United States Agency for International Development USAID and implemented by the Coalition for Giving, led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. Members of the Coalition are Trag Foundation, Catalyst Foundation, Smart Kolektiv, Serbian Philanthropic Forum, Responsible Business Forum and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.