Belgrade, June 22 – Until the end of the month, the “Youth Changemakers” campaign will present young people who are making a positive mark on the whole community with their ideas and activities. We launched the campaign with the goal to point out the importance of involving young people in solving social challenges, but also to highlight initiatives that have already led positive changes. 

Through five examples of how an initiative can thrive while achieving a social mission, we want to inspire and encourage the younger population to embark on a new endeavor. 

  • How do the girls from the organization Retro to the rescue extend clothes life span and at the same time help abandoned animals? 
  • What kind of sustainable clothing does Froncla offer and how does it contribute to the preservation of the environment? 
  • Who and how does Muffin store bake delicious muffins that people living in Belgrade can order in 15 cafes? 
  • What is SINHROs “Smart city” and how does it contribute to the development of the creative economy? 
  • How is Knjige ša šapice (Books for Paws) helping animals?

Follow our channels on social media to stay tuned when the campaign presents the five Youth Changemakers from our campaign! 

To find these youth changemakers were we divided our work in two parts. First, our participants of the Program for Sustainable Ideas received a survey to propose young people that are inspiring. Second, Smart Kolektiv team mapped young people that contribute to solving societal challenges. The campaign is being implemented as part of our strategy to promote entrepreneurship and impact economy among young people. The campaign is implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade.