Online event, November 26, 2020 – Director of Smart Kolektiv and president of the Euclid Network Neven Marinovic participated together with other Euclid Network representatives, in launching of the EN Manifesto: Social enterprises, pioneers towards a just and green economy at the European Social Economy Summit 2020.

Manifesto is underlying the crucial role of social enterprises in the post-COVID-19 economy. The manifesto presents 15 concrete policy recommendations aimed at boosting social enterprises and their role in a green and just economic recovery across Europe. The manifesto will be sent to the European Commission as input for the European Action Plan on Social Economy.

See the full Manifesto here.

Euclid Network federates organisations that support social enterprises across 21 countries, representing all stakeholders involved in the European social enterprise ecosystem: national social enterprise and civil society networks, incubators, universities, knowledge centres and social investors. Smart Kolektiv is proud member of Euclid Network since 2011.

European Social Economy Summit was organized by the European Commission and the City of Mannheim on November 26th and 27th. To help repair the economic and social damage brought by the coronavirus pandemic, the European Commission proposed a major recovery plan for Europe, leading the way out of the crisis and laying foundations for a modern and more sustainable Europe. The bulk of the proposed recovery measures will be powered by a new temporary recovery instrument Next Generation EU with financial firepower of €750 billion.