The Hague/Belgrade, December, 2021 – We are happy to announce that our efforts to implement the first edition of the European Social Enterprise Monitor in Serbia are supported by eight outreach partners. These are: Fondacija Ana i Vlade Divac, NALED, Trag Fondacija, Privredna komora Srbije, SIA, PULSE, Kaspev, Nova Ekonomija, and Most Europa.

This is the first time that Serbia participates in this survey and we are really happy about the great response rates from social entrepreneurs across the country.

Until the 31.1.2022 we will continue to collect data from social enterprises. That is why we are calling all impact-driven & social entrepreneurs once more to fill in the European Social Enterprise Monitor survey 2021:

The ESEM survey provides a unique opportunity to contribute and influence the next generation of social enterprise strategies, legislation, policies and funding. Ensure your voice is heard and stand up for social enterprises and the UN SDGs in Serbia and at EU level!  The European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) project initiated by Euclid Network, close to 40 social enterprise alliance members, partners and universities, supported by the European Commission, closes the social enterprise data gap in Europe and informs decision-makers in politics, government, civil society and the economy on the needs and barriers that social enterprises face nationally, and at EU-level.