Stories about entrepreneurship and great people full of energy marked the previous three months through a moderated talk-show program intended for young people – “Smart Impact Talks”. The program consisted of six dynamic interactive sessions through which successful entrepreneurs shared their inspirational experiences.

With the idea of providing young people who are interested in starting or running a business with an insight into the experiences of successful companies, Smart Kolektiv has launched a series of online events called „Smart Impact Talks“. Through the series of six online events lasting 90 minutes, the guests – entrepreneurs and innovators – shared with the audience their entrepreneurial experiences, successes, failures and learned lessons.

Topics of the program were ethical products, green and smart technologies, introducing entrepreneurs and innovators from across Europe in cooperation with the Social Impact Award, women entrepreneurs, „Tech for good“ and presenting another program that encourages starting a business – Regional incubator for social entrepreneurs (RISE). The program was realized with the aim of showcasing inspiring and innovative businesses operating in our country to interested young entrepreneurs, as well as those who want to learn what it is like to be in the shoes of an entrepreneur.

Here you can watch the recordings of all six sessions:








Smart Impact Talks is implemented within the Program for Sustainable Ideas. The Program for Sustainable Ideas is being implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade and is part of the five-year strategy and program of the Smart Impact Fund – Fund for the Development of Sustainable Economy.