Belgrade, September 2020 – Association Coalition for Solidarity Economy Development launched blog about social entrepreneurship and solidarity economy in Serbia. Smart Kolektiv, as one of the founder and member of association, alongside with Trag Fondation, IDC and European Movement Serbia, is actively engaged in creating and producing blog materials in a form of interviews and expert analysis.
CoSED blog is a new place for informing and learning about social entrepreneurship and solidarity economy in Serbia and the world. In addition to educational posts, the blog is broadcasting first-hand Serbian social entrepreneurship success stories.
Following that line, Smart Kolektiv made two interviews with prominent Serbian social entrepreneurs. In the first interview we talked with Sonja Dakić i Milica Čalija, business mentors and entrepreneurs who have been actively involved for over five years as mentors in Smart Kolektiv’s supporting programs for social enterprises. The interview raised the question of how important it is for social enterprises to communicate their social mission and also why their social component must be always accompanied with high quality product or service.
Links to the interview – ENG version and  SRB version

Also, we had a great honor of conducting the interview with one of the raising stars of Serbian social economy sector – Branislav Sekulić, founder and director of social enterprise Vrtlari that is producing traditional vegetable and fruit products using modern technology. This enterprise is already selling its products on American market as well as in other European and Asian countries. With Branislav we talked about their rich social mission regarding young people and small producers in rural areas, about much needed financial instruments in Serbia for micro, small and social enterprises and also on how are they balancing their financial development with their social mission.
Link to the interview – SRB version