Belgrade, October 29, 2020 – On the initiative of the Association Kamenica from Niš, 13 organizations, foundations and media from Serbia, including Smart Kolekiv, signed a Memorandum for the development of social cooperatives. The signers of this Memorandum are: SIPRU, Association Kamenica, Cooperative Association of Serbia, Protecta, Journal Farmer, Coalition for the development of solidarity economy, Agro South, AgroBusiness Magazine, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Catalyst Foundation, Eneca, Smart Kolektiv and General Cooperative Alliance.

The social cooperatives sector in Serbia is characterized by lack of information by citizens, civil society organizations, commercial cooperatives and local governments, as potential drivers of social cooperatives, but also by public sector and development organizations that have the capacity to improve the environment for the development of social cooperatives. In order to work on improving these aspects, the aforementioned organizations signed this Memorandum and agreed on further cooperation in this area.

Memorandum was officially signed at the end of the conference “I am for social cooperatives”, which was organized on October 29th in Belgrade.