Novi Sad, June 4, 2021 – Smart Kolektiv, with the support of the Kingdom of Norway, and in partnership with the organization Roads of Entrepreneurship, organized the Fair of sustainable micro and small enterprises from less developed areas. The event was held on June 4 at the Fish Market in Novi Sad.

Participants of the “Program for supporting Sustainable Micro and Small Enterprises in Underdeveloped Areas” participated in the exhibition and sales fair. Within the program, micro and small enterprises from underdeveloped municipalities in Serbia, change-makers and important drivers of innovation and sustainable development in their local communities are financially and professionally supported.

At the event, which gathered over 100 citizens and 40 micro and small enterprises, companies participating in the program had the opportunity to present to the general public and business community their products and services. Citizens had the opportunity to get acquainted with the products of the enterprises which are important for positive and inclusive development of their local communities, especially in less developed municipalities: Avlija održivog razvoja, Chrono, DAST-NF, Mlekara Carpe Diem, Vrtlari, Radanska ruža and the products of small agricultural farms, which are suppliers of these companies.

The program is being implemented by Smart Kolektiv in partnership with the association ProAktiv from Niš and the association Roads of Entrepreneurship from Novi Sad. The program is being implemented within the project “Norway for you – Serbia” , funded by the Kingdom of Norway and implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).