Sarajevo, March 2022 – Within the project RISE – Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurship, more than twenty young social entrepreneurs from the region gathered at the regional camp in Sarajevo and through trainings and workshops worked on developing their business ideas with social impact. One of the trainings was led by a member of Smart Kolektiv , Jelena Janakievska. She introduced young entrepreneurs to the tools for measuring and managing social impact of their social enterprises. 

The regional gathering “EmpoweRISE Bootcamp” took place from March 13 to March 20 in Sarajevo. Winning teams from six countries that were selected to enter the second cycle of the RISE program and thus receive additional financial, mentoring and promotional support, participated in the camp. During the seven days, young entrepreneurs worked on the further development of their social entrepreneurial ideas through a series of trainings and workshops in the field of marketing, sales, financial management, branding, pitch preparation etc. On behalf of Smart Kolektiv, Jelena Janakievska introduced the participants to the theory of change – a tool that allows social enterprises to measure and increase their social impact. 

The winning teams from Serbia that participated in this event are “Izađi u bar”, a team that is working on opening the first LGBTQ + bar in Novi Sad and plans to employ young people from the community who face difficulties to find a job due to discrimination. The second winning team consisting of three girls, is working on the development of the application “Ski Easy” which aims to help hikers and skiers to navigate without risk through mountains and ski slopes. The “EmpoweRISE Bootcamp” event marked the beginning of the Incubation phase of the RISE program, during which teams will work on prototyping and testing their products and services, in order to prepare them to enter the market. 

RISE – Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs is a regional support program for young social entrepreneurs implemented by Smart Kolektiv within Serbia, since 2019. 

The RISE project is developed and supervised by a consortium consisting of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), GROUPE SOS Pulse, the South East European Youth Network (SEEYN), the Institut Français and the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ), and implemented by six local incubators – Smart Kolektiv (Serbia), IPC Tehnopolis (Montenegro), ARNO (Northern Macedonia), Balkan Green Foundation (Kosovo), Nešto više (BIH) and Yunus Social Business (Albania). RISE is co-financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO). More about the RISE program >> WEBSITE