Belgrade, April 06, 2020 – As a part of a supportive local community, D. Čudo School organizes online challenge on “How to (re) design social interactions in times of self-insulation ” set for April 22-29, with support from partners such as Nordeus Hub, Smart Kolektiv and Impact Hub.

Čudo-19 is created as an online Design Sprint that aims to bring together multi-disciplinary teams with different professional backgrounds. Through the creative process and by applying Design Thinking methodology, teams will work on innovative solutions, with support of experienced mentors, who will be available for them throughout the sprint. The seven-day challenge will provide an opportunity for teams to come up with an idea, and by developing a prototype, test their solution, which they will finally present to their business mentors in the final Čudo Pitch event scheduled for April 29th. The best solutions will receive further mentoring support and networking with existing partner organizations’ development programs.

,,The pandemic has disrupted the everyday life we are used to, and in addition to the serious illness it has caused, it has resulted in great economic and social changes. Efforts to address this require a high level of cooperation between state institutions, international organizations and the private sector, i.e. clear and radical collaboration. That is why we decided to use design thinking as a glue that would connect several different disciplines, giving participants the opportunity to use their creative self-confidence to work on solving the biggest problem we are currently facing – COVID-19, “said the organizers.

D.Čudo School wants to form community of people who use design to develop their own creative potential, and thus provide educational programs that are realized through work in multidisciplinary teams. Anyone interested in participating in ČUDO-19 can register for free, and applications are open until all 30 places available for participation are filled.