In cooperation with the organization  Liceulice, a campaign to promote twelve social enterprises called “Buy local, think social” was conducted (Kupuj dobro, da bude bolje). The campaign took place on our social networks, as well as in the magazine Liceulice, where in the last four issues (78-81) stories about these social enterprises were published. 

Social enterprise Women on the Way wants to help people who were forced to flee dangerous situations in their countries and stay in Serbia, to start a new life. Their company offers employment opportunities to women who have applied for asylum in Serbia. For now, they produce T-shirts from natural or recycled materials. For the future, they plan to add more products to their line. 

The company Ekobag recycles and reuses previously used materials for the production of various products such as backpacks, bags, wallets and folders. Each piece is unique and handmade. In addition, they employ only women over the age of fifty who have difficulty finding work. 

Cosmetic brand SOFI, founded in 2009, offers cosmetic products made from raw materials of proven origin from proven suppliers around the world. They represent a socially responsible brand that deals with various humanitarian activities and pays attention to the well-being of our society and nature. They also stand out because they receive used bottles which will be returned for sale after washing and sterilization. 

Founded by the NGO Atina, Bagel Bejgl sells different type of pastries with variety of healthy and delicious ingredients for a quick lunch or as catering for larger events. At the same time, all of their income goes to programs implemented by NGO Atina, which protect and support victims of human trafficking. In addition, Bagel Bejgl is a space for permanent practice and training of victims of human trafficking. For many of them, this is an opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and work experience for the first time. 

Wholegrain oatmeal cookies without sugar and white flour produced by the social enterprise Anđeli (Angels) are already recognizable throughout the country. Apart from tasty and healthy products, Anđeli also stands out for operating in accordance with the principles of social enterprise. They employ women from hard-to-employ categories, promote healthy food, responsible production and consumption. They have also founded a school for entrepreneurs, provide mentoring support in entrepreneurship and primarily select local producers for their own products. 

Chrono offers delicious and healthy mix of wholegrain flour for unleavened dough, without additives. In addition to promoting healthy lifestyles, 90% of employees are people with some form of disability. Most of the suppliers are small agricultural producers from the south of Serbia. They are also dedicated to promote and educate about healthy eating. 

Nanin recept s juga (Nana’s recipe from the south) is a social enterprise founded in Vranje in 2017. Today, they employ 10-30 women who come from vulnerable groups such as single mothers or women who have lost their jobs. They like to say about their products, that are prepared according to the recipes of grandmother Ljubinka, that the main ingredient is LOVE. They use only forest berries, vegetables from open fields and do not add preservatives or additives to their products. 

The social enterprise Radanska Ruža was founded in 2015 in Lebane as the first civil-public partnership in our country. Today, they employ more than 30 women from marginalized groups – women with disabilities, single mothers, women under thirty and over fifty. Fresh fruits and vegetables harvested on the slopes of Radan Mountain, as well as a centuries-old tradition in the production of pickled vegetables, are responsible for the extraordinary taste and quality of their ajvar, jams and other great products. 

Agro Prima Jug cooperate argues for the price and placement of agricultural products, which it buys from small local producers, after which it freezes and distributes them in the country and abroad. The biggest advantage of the cooperative is the secured sale of the entire production at the best price, as well as the cooperation that is used to increase benefits and reduce costs. Founded in 2006, Agro Prima Jug today has six members and 270 subcontractors. 

Pirate Art is a start-up from Belgrade that creates modern prosthetic covers for people with disabilities. Primarily intended for young people, their products consist of the so-called covers that are created according to the dimensions of the prosthesis and lining of different designs that are easy to change. Also, Pirate Art in its range offers clothes that match the linig and that are designed in collaboration with fashion designers. 

Omladinski centar Zaječar (Zajecar Youth Center) not only organizes great events such as film screenings, concerts and debates, but also allocates part of its income for burning issues in the community! From 2010 until today, they have organized 500+ concerts, 200+ film screenings, 70 humanitarian events, 130+ cultural events, almost 70 public debates and close to 1000 educational workshops and other events for young people. 

Kafebar16 is a socially responsible cafe from Belgrade that trains and employs young Roma who, when they turn 16, lose the opportunity to stay at the Center for Youth Integration. After a three-month course in catering school, they gain internships here and whenever possible with the help of the Center for Integration of Youth and Donors, young interns also earn money. In this way, “Sixteen” gives young people who mostly live in inhumane conditions a chance to get a job, earn money, learn new skills and get out of poverty. 

We conducted the campaign “Buy local, think social” in cooperation with partners from the Liceulice, and with the support of the Open Society Foundation.