Belgrade, December – It’s this time of the year again when we look for presents to say thank you to our beloved ones. By buying social enterprise products, you are using your money to create a positive impact on the world we live in. When you buy from a social enterprise, you support a business that gives back to the community, which uses the profits to address some of the most important social issues, from homelessness and unemployment to social services and climate change.

Join the campaign and find our recommendations for presents on our website:

The campaign “Buy local, think social” that we have launched with Liceulice is part of our campaign to promote in the following months 10 social enterprises with the goal to increase the visibility of social enterprises and the awareness of citizens about their important work. The first three social enterprises featured in the campaign are: Ekobag, Women on the Way and SOFI. If you want to find more about the enterprises or the campaign, support Liceulice by buying the new issue from their vendors or on their website:

The promotion campaign of social enterprises is supported by the Fund for Open Society.