Following the trend of social investment programs that are emerging within the European Union, and need of the sector for adequate financial instruments, Smart Kolektiv initiated the development of social investment market in Serbia.

This publication provides overview of the current state of the demand and supply side in Serbia as well as impact investment instruments and best practice in the European Union. It also provides recommendations for the social investment market development gathered through wide consultative process with representatives of all sectors during 2017.

The publication is developed within the project Social Enterprise Financing in Serbia – Building Partnerships and Models for Sustainable Development of Social Finance Market. Smart Kolektiv is implementing the project in partnership with Erste Bank and Oksigen Lab during 2017 and 2018 with a goal to develop a Social Enterprise Financing in Serbia. The project is supported within the EU Programme Employment and Social Innovation – EaSI (2014-2020) – Actions to boost the demand and supply side of the finance market for social enterprises.

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