Zoom, April 22nd and 23rd, 2021 – Within the Academy of Non-Profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship, which was organized by the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center and DKolektiv, our colleague Ivana Stančić held a training on “Social Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Social Inclusion”.
The training was intended for all volunteers active in organizations operating in the areas of Osijek or Novi Sad. It was a great opportunity for cross-border networking, to establish cooperation and to exchange ideas and experiences among volunteers from Croatia and Serbia.

At the training, 15 young activists had the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of social entrepreneurship, current legislations, and examples of best practices in the field of social services. The participants were guided through the basic steps in the development of a business idea and starting a social enterprise and practically applied them through the development of 4 ideas during the training.