Belgrade, September 28, 2021 – As part of the first Green Conversation, Milica Mišković, program manager of the Smart Kolektiv, participated in the event “Young and Green” organized by the Institute for Development and Innovation. The event brought together young experts, including Aleksandra Branković and Nenad Jevtović from the Institute for Development and Innovation, Nina Cvetanović from the Belgrade Open School and Lidija Radulović on behalf of the BFPE Foundation for Responsible Society, and Antoine Avignon opened the conversation on behalf of the EU Delegation in Serbia.

As the event was an opportunity to talk about the green economy, environmental protection, sustainable development and current initiatives, on that occasion Milica Mišković spoke about what is socially responsible business and its close connection with sustainable development. She pointed out that companies had a great role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and that in the future the attitudes of consumers who would want to buy products from uncompromised brands and also laws and regulations that would encourage responsible behavior by giving certain reliefs or higher penalties to companies, would affect more on the awareness of corporate social responsibility.

More information about the Green Talks can be found here.