Belgrade, March 21, 2022 – It is with great pleasure that we present the 10 enterprises that participate in our start-up program “Program for Sustainable Ideas,” which we implement within the Smart Impact Fund. 

These 10 enterprises bring together over 30 young people who have started and developed enterprises that contribute to solving various problems in the community by developing innovative and sustainable products, offering new forms of education and creating new employment opportunities etc.. We will work with these teams in the next 4 months to further develop their business as well as positive impact on the communities in which they operate. 

The Art & Language team consists of two girls who started the first foreign language school that is based exclusively on the method of storytelling and creative projects. They want to improve access to quality education by supporting students and teachers to create their own stories, develop creativity and devise solutions for the local community. Learn more about them – LINK 

Bifrost was founded by five friends with the goal of developing a technology and innovative, 100% biodegradable hemp products that will help to reduce the usage of disposable and polymer plastics and thus also reduce air pollution. Learn more about them – LINK 

Edukort was started by a group of young people with the goal of promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through playing sports, organization of sports tournaments and more accessible sport activities for everyone. In addition, through the organization of the tournaments, they will raise funds for the creation of parks, playgrounds for children and green areas in Belgrade. Learn more about them – LINK 

KNIToMANIA is an association founded by three young people with the idea of creating products that are made of recycled plastic bags (ranches, sacks, pendants, etc.). As part of their mission, they hire elderly people from nursing homes in the production process, thus providing additional income to this group. Learn more about them – LINK 

Molekul – Center for Fun Science was started by a team of over 10 young people, science lovers and students / PhD students of natural sciences. The idea arose from the desire to promote science among young people, in order to renew their interest in the study of natural sciences. The center organizes various workshops and events that introduce young people to the world of physics and science in a fun way. Learn more about them – LINK 

The Nitna Association was founded in 2021 by the two sisters Tijana and Nataša from Novi Sad with the goal of developing an unique platform that will enable the exchange of equipment and clothing for babies and toddlers and thus extend the life of children’s equipment, reduce waste and nurture a more responsible consumer behavior. Learn more about Nitna – LINK 

Pčinjski is a group of young people from Vranje who were united by the belief that economic development should be based on the principles of social and environmental sustainability. Their main product is Pčinja honey, which is produced by small producers from the valley of the river Pčinja, and which is packaged in a traditional and sustainable way – in clay jars. Their goal is to support economic and sustainable development, by building and strengthening the community of small producers. Learn more about them – LINK 

Wibbly Wobbly consists of young entrepreneurs and activists from Niš who initially met in the Jedi Movement. The enterprise is engaged in the production of T-shirts, sweatshirts and bags from organic cotton and offers design and printing services according to the principles of sustainable production. They are developing a platform and community for the promotion of young artists active in  creative industries, development of youth entrepreneurship and support for all those who want to create their own brand. Learn more about them – LINK 

Women on the Way is an enterprise established by two sisters from Belgrade, with the aim of promoting sustainable fashion, production of fashion garments as well as providing employment to women refugees who have applied for asylum in Serbia. These women design and sew clothes and accessories inspired by their cultures and 50% of the profits go directly to them. Learn more about them – LINK 

Youth Hub – This unique co-learning and co-working space in Novi Sad was launched by a group of young activists from the Novi Sad Youth Network, with the idea to provide young people with access to practical knowledge and skills to reduce youth unemployment. Through volunteer actions, cooperation with companies, practical trainings and workshops, they are providing youth with opportunities to gain necessary knowledge which will make them more competitive on the labor market. Learn more about them – LINK 

Program for Sustainable Ideas is intended for young entrepreneurs who are developing sustainable solutions to the challenges in our society. Through a series of interactive workshops and 1-on-1 mentoring, young leaders get the opportunity to work with a team of experienced business mentors and experts to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them improve their innovative business idea.

The Program for Sustainable Ideas is being implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade and is part of the five-year strategy and program of the Smart Impact Fund – Fund for the Development of Sustainable Economy. The Fund strives to provide long-term professional and financial support to social enterprises in various stages of development and thus contribute to the development of an economy with positive social impact. By 2024, the program will invest about half a million euros in initiatives and companies that contribute to sustainable and positive changes in their communities.

The Smart Impact Fund was launched by Smart Kolektiv in 2019 with support of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) and the former USAID-funded Framework for Giving project that was implemented by the Coalition for Giving led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.