The List of “CSR professionals” recognized individuals who strive for the same goal – working on projects that create a better society for all. 

Listening to the needs of the community and employees and aligning the economic goals of the company with them, initiating and implementing projects that contribute to the improvement of society – these are just some of the many activities that describe the work of CSR professionals. In many companies these positions become more and more important. Following the call for nominations of CSR professionals, 58 have been selected to be highlighted as individuals pushing forward the development of responsible and sustainable business practices. 

The initiative was launched by the Responsible Business Forum and was implemented together with Smart Kolektiv, Represent Communication agency and Bizlife magazine. 

“I am extremely pleased that our initiative for a list of ‘CSR professionals’ has been met with such great turnout and that in one place we have gathered 58 people who are investing their knowledge, time and energy to carry out different activities and projects and thus achieve a positive impact on society. They are a type of modern invisible heroes armed not only with good intentions, but also with knowledge, creativity, analytical thinking and operational skills. Through the Forum, we collaborate with them, encourage the exchange of experiences and inspire each other to develop sustainable projects. I want to congratulate everyone who made it on the list of ‘CSR professionals’, but also to announce that we plan to expand the list, hence the invitation for nominations and applications will remain open until further notice. From now we will dedicate a campaign every year to promote new members of this list,” states Neven Marinovic, director of Smart Kolektiv and the Responsible Business Forum. 

Here you can see who is on the “CSR professionals” list! 

The order of people in the list does not reflect the ranking of CSR professionals in any sense, and the list is sorted based on the alphabetical order of the last name. 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) implies “the responsibility of companies for the impact they have on society”. The impact of business can be both positive and negative, and applies to all aspects of business, especially those related to the environment, social and corporate governance (Environmental, Social, Governance – ESG). Doing business in accordance with the principles of social responsibility enables the company’s sustainability, that is, the ability to create value in the long term. 

Guided by the motto “Better business for a better society”, the Responsible Business Forum brings together companies that contribute to the development of the society through the principles of sustainable development and encourages the business sector to be an active and reliable partner of the community in which it operates. The Forum empowers companies to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainability, responsibility and ethics, and through the synergy of resources and knowledge contributes to the implementation of good business practices that bring positive and measurable social impact.