Organization Smart Kolektiv became part of the project ’’Good Acts Create Heroes’’, launched by Dalibau International. is web portal aimed at making Serbian construction market transparent, as well as connecting good performers with good parties. They are working hard to help in construction and renovation of  homes and office buildings, but, they also believe that living space of each of us is much wider than our home and office are. “Our living space is made up of the nature we love and the city we live in, as well as of all the people we meet along the way. Our living space is made up of the fellow citizens we often don’t notice – vulnerable people unable to have a dignified life on their own. Improving the environment and the quality of life for all people in the community is the responsibility of each and every one of us,as stated at website. 

For this reason, Daibau International launched the project “Good Acts Make Heroes” , inviting all its partners and website visitors to join forces and help charities that care for the most vulnerable groups. One of the organizations presented in this project is Smart Kolektiv. 

Beside Smart Kolektiv, many prominent organizations are presented within the project, including Red Cross of Vojvodina, Liceulice, Group 484, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Trag Foundation and many others.  

Learn more about ’’Good Acts Create Heroes’’ project on website.