Euclid Network, together with its partners, announced the launch of the second European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) that will be published at the hybrid event, which is taking place on November 15, via Zoom. 

ESEM is the first social enterprise monitor on the European level, drawing on research conducted in 21 countries in Europe and beyond. This unprecedented research provides extensive data from 2,000 entrepreneurs and detailed insights into local, national and the European social enterprise ecosystems.   

This project aims to close the current gap on social enterprise data and to communicate, support and promote the needs and interests of enterprises in the social and solidarity economy across Europe and beyond. The ESEM gathers participants’ insights on social entrepreneurship and makes them available for decision makers, government officials, investors, researchers and impact practitioners. 

In Serbia, this research is being conducted for second time, in cooperation with Coalition for Solidarity Economy Development and Smart Kolektiv. In this way social entrepreneurship in Serbia is internationalized and connected to practices in Europe, but also a common front of actors advocating for better social entrepreneurship laws, policies, and programs is being built at the European and global level. 

Sign up for the hybrid launch event at THIS LINK.

Learn more about the project and read the national reports at Euclid Network’s website.