Belgrade, November, 2021 – In November, Smart Kolektiv launched the Ideation program and organized 3 online training modules with 7 selected RISE teams of the second cycle of the RISE program. First three modules of the program were focused on Social Business Model , Social Mission & Persona and Value Proposition. Through combination of trainings, best cases studies, peer2peer learning and 1on1 consultations, each team has started developing their ideas. Meet the 7 teams of the second RISE cycle in Serbia – HERE.

RISE – Regional Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs is a project for the motivated, committed youth, willing to learn and change things for the better in the Western Balkans. During the 4 months of the RISE ideation program, selected teams will acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to develop their business ideas.

The RISE project is developed and supervised by a consortium consisting of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), GROUPE SOS Pulse, the South East European Youth Network (SEEYN), the Institut Français and the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ), and implemented by six local incubators – Smart Kolektiv (Serbia), IPC Tehnopolis (Montenegro), ARNO (Northern Macedonia), Balkan Green Foundation (Kosovo), Nešto više (BIH) and Yunus Social Business (Albania). RISE is co-financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO). More about the RISE program>> website