Bogatić, June 18, 2021 –  Representatives of Smart Kolektiv participated in the final conference of the project “Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for fighting social exclusion and poverty.” During the conference, they presented Smart Kolektiv’s experience in providing support to social enterprises and discussed social entrepreneurship from a European perspective, as well as how can we support the development of this type of entrepreneurship by working together with other sectors. The event was held in the Avlija održivog razvoja in Bogatić, and the organizer of the conference was Caritas Šabac.

The project “Social Entrepreneurship as a tool for fighting social exclusion and poverty “,  implemented in partnership by Caritas Šabac, the municipality of Bogatić and a consortium of social cooperatives C.O.S.M. from Italy, lasted for two and a half years. Through 10 different trainings for professional rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, a total of 60 participants were given the opportunity to acquire certain knowledge and competencies which will make it easier for them to find job, which was the most important goal of the project.