Belgrade, November 5, 2021 – The Responsible Business Forum conducted the annual research “Better Business for a Better Society” on the community  support support of the business sector during 2020 and the behavior of large companies in Serbia towards the community and the environment in which they operate.

The results show that a large percentage of donations, primarily from large companies, were aimed at supporting the health system and the socially vulnerable population that were most affected by the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Large companies that participated in the research made 481 donations, donating 178,603,212.39 dinars for the needs caused by the pandemic (46.7% of the total donated amount), while the total amount of all other donations was 203,614,192.52 dinars (53.3% of the total amount).

During the previous year, 35 surveyed companies donated a total of 440.4 million dinars in the community. Financial assistance was the most common form of support for these companies (77% of companies), but over 50% provided assistance through donations of goods and services, whereas at micro and small enterprises this type of support was larger than the allocated monetary donations.

At the institutional level, aid was mostly focused on state institutions, but also on national non-governmental organizations, foundations and local self-governments.The most common fields of donations, apart from health, were education, culture and art, marginalized groups, social entrepreneurship, sports and environmental protection, areas in which companies also have invested in previous years.

Other results and key conclusions from the research related to the contribution of small and medium enterprises to the community during 2020 will be presented at the online conference on corporate social responsibility, CSR Forum, on November 24, and the full report with results will soon be available on

The analysis was conducted by Responsible Business Forum (RBF) within the USAID-funded Framework for Giving Project, implemented by the  Coalition for giving led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, other members are Trag Foundation, Smart Kolektiv, Catalyst Balkans, Responsible Business Forum, Serbian Philanthropic Forum and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.